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  • They are very effective and efficient to manage contract risk and have well developed systems in place which enables them to give accurate results and reporting. I strongly recommend A&R Contract Solutions to anyone who required a competent and reliable service provider to assist them with its challenges.
    Philip van Rensburg - Project Manager
  • Tractional Enterprise entered into a contract agreement with a Client where the contract document was not based on a standard form of contract and the client did not strictly act in accordance with the contract. This created a major risk for Tractional Enterprise which resulted in a decision to approach A&R Contract Solutions to provide contracts administration support. They have a very good reporting system and filing approach along with very competent individuals with relevant experience. Andries Coetsee has a strong and practical background in contract management and provided sound advice. I would recommend A&R Contract Solutions to anyone who requires assistance with the management and administration of their contracts. They provide such a great service and advantage to any Company or Project Manager.
    Richard von Moltke - Project Manager
    Tractional Enterprise
  • Our client has very specific requirements regarding the processing of our EPCM invoices for payment, which is not addressed expeditiously, results in payment delays and subsequently has a know on effect to our business' cash flow. The process became extremely onerous and consumed a huge amount of man-hours to produce the requisite back up documentation required by the client QS designate. SENET, through the years have forged a trusting and lasting relationship with A&R Contract Solutions, who have supported SENET in various fields of contract management and administration on our projects. It was thus a natural decision to approach them for assistance with the clarification and expediting of the aforementioned issues. They have a n extremely well-developed and tested system along with very competent individuals, that enables accurate results and through this , we were able to clear all concerns and improve turnaround times over a short period, ultimately improving our cash flow as well our interactions with our client team. As director of your company, you have a strong and practical background in contract management and know what is needed to get the issues resolved. I strongly recommend using A&R Contract Solutions to anyone who face similar contractual challenges with their clients.
    Vaughan Vorster - Senet Project Manager
  • We engaged A&R Contract Solutions to run the management of our contracts department on the New Multi Product Pipeline Project (NMPP). Andries Coetsee and his team had the right level of capabilities and expertise to deliver on a demanding project. We value their knowledge and professional approach to contract management and have enjoyed a very good and fruitful working relationship.
    Poya Rasekhi - Director