Equipping our Clients with the best contractual position

Contract Administration Services

We specialise in commercial contract administration services on small and large projects.

These are summarized as follows:

Contracting strategies

Reviewing the project key drivers, timelines, scope definition etc. and formulating a specific contracting strategy fit for purpose of the project and client requirements.

Contracts procedures

Formulating contracts procedures to the level of detail required that are practical and ensure governance with ease.

Contract development planning

It is crucial to choose, negotiate and implement a correct commercial option for each contract. We formulate, develop, implement and monitor a contracting plan rolled down to the individual contract planning to ensure adherence to the schedule.
Prequalification of suppliers/contractors With the understanding of the required scope and close integration with the client, formulate a prequalification questionnaire to prequalify the best contractors / suppliers

Scope Review

Assistance with scope formulation and scope reviews to avoid unnecessary risk as a poorly defined scope creates risk.

Tender planning, formulation, evaluation and negotiation assistance

Proper control is required throughout the pre award/tendering processes to ensure accuracy, alignment and integrity. We perform the whole process which includes planning, tender formulation, correspondence, tender opening, commercial evaluation, evaluation reports, negotiation assistance, final contract formulation and award. These steps can be done from our offices, which could result in cost savings.

Post Award Contract Administration and Management

We have experienced staff and proven tools to ensure quality of service. Our service range from providing a core service to providing full contract administration support. We have experience in various contract formats including NEC, FIDIC and client owned terms and conditions.

Commercial Closeout

The formulation of check sheets and reports to track the full closeout process.
We are flexible in our approach whereby you only pay for what you need.

Our core services takes the administration out of contract administration and lets you focus on the project.

No more fire-fighting

Our value add to projects is that through the systems that we us, we create visibility into your project health, project risks, opportunities and staff performance by performing the administration function of your contractual documentation on your behalf. This includes:

Integrity of contractual correspondence and documents

Checking & reviewing your contractual documentation in line with your contractual requirements.

Easy filing and access

Filing of your contractual electronic documents to a set standard of filing, which is easily accessible on multiple devices.

Accurate Reporting

Reporting on the status of your contract in line with the contractual requirements.

Our aim is to create an environment where value is added, stress is minimised and matters can be addressed in a pro-active manner.