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Effective systems cuts down on time and provides reliable output for analysis.  A&R Contract Solutions believes in pro-active rather than re-active contract management and is constantly developing new systems and improving on current systems to allow for flexibility in adapting to client requirements. The in-house developed systems described on this page provide a good overview of the tools we use on a daily basis to guarantee the high level of service we provide.

Contract Development

A&R Contract Solutions utilizes a Contract Development Plan which plots contracts and procurement man-hour requirements based on the Contracts Development Plan. Estimated man-hours on contracts and procurement personnel for each phase of the contract development cycle for small medium and large contracts are added to the sheet.  Based on the estimated man-hours and the baseline, forecasted and actual planned dates for each individual contract identified on the plan, total project man-hour curves are plotted over time. The effect of changes and planned changes in the Contract Development Plan can be assessed effectively without effort. The system also allows for total contracts and procurement man-hours estimation up to close out of every contract.

Contract Administration

A&R Contract Solutions utilizes an innovative in-house developed NEC based spreadsheet solution which is effective and easy to use.  The system is designed to be a fully comprehensive file for every contract covering:

  • Payments and Cash flow
  • Contract Status (Overview of the contract)
  • Compensation Events and Amendments
  • Correspondence (Issued and Received)
  • Risks
  • Budget
  • Cost Coding
  • Meetings
  • Contractual Dates and Milestones
  • Trends and potential changes
  • Insurance
  • Bonds

The system keeps track of historical payment and compensation event details and constantly checks and evaluates the data being loaded. The system has a built in health meter that allocates a percentage health to the contract based on measured key indicators as set up by the Contracts Manager. This can also assist with personnel performance reviews. The status of every contract is reflected against a health meter percentage for every contract measured against set parameters such as the period of reply, items identified as critical errors, etc. It performs 4 critical checks which do not allow the processing of a payment certificate and an additional 32 checks on other major and general issues. The consolidation of the individual files into an overall contracting report is easy and it enables overall reporting in client format. Further analysis of the data can be performed based on specific requirements.

Contract Closeout

Contract closeout should always happen as soon as possible when the contract is completed. To ensure the timely closeout of contracts, A&R Contract Solutions utilizes a closeout sheet which tracks the closeout process and provides a percentage completion of each contract. This data can be consolidated in to the overall contracting report to ensure the closeout process is managed properly and efficiently.

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